Milagros Batista was born in the colonial city of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Her birthplace and surroundings grounded her, honing her style, captivating her imagination. The sheer beauty and power of her childhood surroundings left very strong impressions:  music and the sounds of the ocean, a dazzling palate, the movements and ways of the people, the smell of coffee, sugarcane, rum, mangoes and wild fruits in the air; and the beauty and power of the Caribbean sea.

As a child she drew inspiration from the strong women around her.  From her mother she acquired strength, from her maternal grandmother she learned the value of independence and from a mentor/teacher, she learned about social justice and she learned to knit.  

Milagros began knitting at the tender age of seven with Doña Maria Luisa, a “Master Knitter.”  Doña Maria Luisa was a local legend, a woman ahead of her times.  Milagros reminisces:



My first full knitting project was a dress I made for myself.  I wore the dress on a Sunday afternoon to the “Parque Central.”   The dress was a hit! In our tradition families would dress up and gather in the Square Sunday afternoons after church. To this day I tingle in delight.  Soon I began to create pieces for my brothers and sisters.  I think of this period as the happiest of my life, the joy of creating beautiful and powerful pieces straight out of my hands!

Over the years I have discovered the deeper meaning of Doña Maria Luisa’s teachings.  A knitted piece of clothing out of the hands of a “Master Knitter” has the power to transform the life of a person, to reveal the deepest beauty of a person.  A Master Knitter is an artist, not just a crafts person.  Knitting is deeply spiritual.  Knitting is liberating, removes blockage and opens new paths for growth, experience and beauty. Knitting is a meditation and through meditation the self is focused, gathering power and strength. 

I design knitted pieces of clothing for women on the path of freedom.  I design knitted pieces for women who seek to fully realize themselves, to expose their deeper beauty to the world.  



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